Purchasing Options

Cocktails come in various shapes and sizes, so why should your purchasing options be any different?

Grub Lab products can be purchased in three main ways, with lots of additional customisation available.



Delivered Monthly

Our entry level kids' entertainment that is 100% FREE!! Each month you will receive 100x kids activity sheets.

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Top Shelf

Delivered Monthly

The very best of Grub Lab at discounted prices. Get 200x Surprise Packs, social media bank, seasonal promotions and more.

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Product On Demand

Delivered On Demand

Select from any of our Surprise Packs or Seasonal Experiences and have them delivered to you, when you need them.

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Still Have Questions?

What's the catch with Freemium?

There is no catch, it is 100% free. Its an option because we think once you see the joy on your littlest customers' faces when their colouring jumps off the page and comes to life, you’ll be a believer in what we’re doing here at Grub Lab.

You can think of Freemium as a taster for the real thing. Ideally, we would like to see you upgrade your membership but if you don't, we don't mind. Find out more.

I don't want to commit to monthly deliveries of Top Shelf, what do I do?

No worries at all, we don't have ANY lock-in contracts. You are always in control of your deliveries and their frequency. Find out more.

Can I combine purchasing options?

Yes, you can combine purchasing options. For example, if you would like Freemium and On Demand purchasing, you can do this.

What is the difference between Top Shelf & On Demand?

The main difference is the price. When you are a Top Shelf member, you have access to special pricing. Each month you get access to a heavily discounted product and 25% off all other products.

How do I become a Top Shelf customer?

It's easy - simply Click Here and follow the prompts.

I don't know if I am ready to commit to Grub Lab

That's ok, you can try Top Shelf or purchase products on demand without ANY lock in contracts. You'll be in control of your purchases every step of the way. Find out more.

Cost Recovery & Profitability Options

We suggest using Grub Lab as a value add to your kid's menu but if cost recovery is important to your venue, you can also sell Grub Lab (Top Shelf & On Demand Products, not Freemium) meaning it wouldn’t cost you anything to entertain kids, keep parents happy and receive repeat customers. 

When you are on a Top Shelf membership, selling your Surprise Packs at $1.50 each will ensure you recover costs.

Some of our customers sell Grub Lab for more and create a new line of revenue.