The Future is Here! Grub Lab Connect!

We've revolutionised the way to attract customers and keep them coming back. We're bringing the fun and excitement to your business like never before.

Our cutting-edge technology and entertainment will connect you with your customers in ways that will leave them buzzing with excitement.

When your venue plugs into Grub Lab Connect you’ll unlock a whole new world of marketing magic!

Engage your customers with deals, promotions and rewards that will have customers coming back again and again. Enjoy the perks of gathering valuable data and analytics, helping you build and retain your customer database.

The future of marketing your venue is here, connect with your customers in a meaningful way with Grub Lab by your side.

Big brand entertainment and Grub Lab Connect! The perfect recipe for success, allowing you to create a family dining experience like no other!

So what are you waiting for?

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Connect Your Venue

  • White Labelling

    We use your logo in all areas that kids engage with the Grub Lab app, providing a seamless branding exercise for your venue.

  • App Analytics

    Receive valuable insights into how many people are using the app and the time of day, optimising your marketing efforts.

  • Vouchers

    Send ‘special and discount’ vouchers to both current and potential customers incentivising them to visit your venue, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

  • Social Media

    Get customised social media content & take the hassle out of coming up with engaging posts. Simply copy, paste and publish.

  • App Notifications

    Prompt users to check their available vouchers, reminding them of the specials available at your venue and encouraging them to visit.

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