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  • Social Media

    Each month you'll receive a full bank of social media content that you can use to entice customers to visit your venue.

  • Auto Delivery

    Use our Auto Delivery feature to ensure that you never run out of the fun. Auto-Delivery takes one thing off your list

  • Big Brands

    Join Grub Club to enjoy access to the ultimate in entertainment. We're on a mission to bring the biggest brands directly to your venue.

BIG Brand Bundles

Choose from our selection of big brands from sports to the latest in entertainment, like Minions and Jurassic World. Our latest packs are designed to keep kids entertained and parents happy.

Social Media Content

We've created a full bank of social media content for you to use each month, you can plan your posts in advance and ensure that they are consistent and relevant. This content is designed to align with your orders for promotions, seasonal themes and big brands.


Repeat Customers, Spending More

Grub Lab products help get more families to your venue, time and time again. After all, it is known that repeat customers will spend 67% more than first-time visitors. It's an easy way to lift your revenue!

With new Surprise Packs every month, families will return to experience the fun, excitement and joy of the newest edition of the Grub Lab Surprise Pack! 

Get Paid to Entertain

You can sell grub Lab Surprise Packs to recover the cost of the books.

When you have a Top Shelf membership, selling books at $1.50 ensures you recuperate all your costs.

Some customers sell Grub Lab for more to introduce a new revenue stream. 

Auto Delivery - Set & Forget

You can enjoy the convenience of auto-delivery each month. Without lifting a finger, entertainment for your littlest diners will arrive directly at your door each month.  

New Surprise Packs Every Month

With new Surprise Packs every month, families will return to experience the fun, excitement and joy of the newest edition of the Grub Lab Surprise Pack! 

More Families & Group Bookings

On average, a family of four spends $100-$150 on one dining-out occasion.

By creating an environment that puts the entertainment of kids first, parents will return time and time again.

Families will be recommending your venue to all their friends with kids. 

Add Value to your Members & Regular Patrons

Grub Lab can be used as a value add to your members. For example, you could offer Grub Lab for free to any parent that is a member of your venue.

Gives your Venue the Competitive Edge

Be better than the place next door by offering super fun entertainment for the kids. You can turn family dining into a fun and unforgettable experience. 

Create a Kid's Entertainment Night

If you're looking to get more families visiting your venue, you can create a kid's Entertainment Night.

Here are some ideas:

  • Free Entertainment for Kids (Free Grub Lab)
  • Create a Kid's table where kids can eat, play & socialise
  • Colouring in Competition using Grub Lab's Augmented Reality books (You could showcase the best of the month on a wall - kids & parents will love this)

Let our Surprise Packs handle the fun aspect of eating out so you can focus on the food and drinks. 

Kids will Stay Seated & Happy

No more crazy kids running around your venue, playing under the table, using their cutlery as musical instruments and anything else that kids do when they get bored.

Our Surprise Packs keep kids entertained for hours. Dining out has never been so much fun for kids and families. 

Promotions to Match the Entertainment Calendar

You can use our entertainment calendar to your advantage. For example, with the Jurassic Package, some of our customers created dinosaur themed promotions.

Think dino nuggets, with a Jurassic Camp Cretaceous Surprise Pack and photo opportunities with Blue from Jurassic World Domination. It was a huge hit with kids and parents! 

Ongoing Entertainment in the Grub Lab App

The Grub Lab app has many games to keep kids entertained. With your Top Shelf membership, your diners can get access to ALL of the very cool games & features within the app. Some of these include:

  • Memory
  • Dino Lab, where kids can feed dinosaurs
  • NRL & AFL Strike
  • Grub Copter, where kids can fly a helicopter

All the games within the app use Augmented Reality to bring them to life.

As the App supports the Surprise Sheets, kids will be playing for hours.

Take Your Venue To The Next Level

Join today and start experiencing all the benefits that come with being a part of the Grub Club including exclusive products and perks. You won't find a better solution to kid's entertainment while accessing some of the world's biggest brands for your venue. 

So why wait? Join Grub Club now and become a part of something truly special!

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