Welcome to Freemium, where you can entertain kids with our classic colouring sheets absolutely FREE!

What is Freemium?

It is the base package of kids' entertainment, where each month you receive 100x Surprise Sheets, delivered directly to your venue.

We think of Freemium as the entree, (the main is Top Shelf). It's a little taste of Grub Lab and just how cool augmented reality experiences can be.

It is 100% free, so you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

See Surprise Sheets in Action

Why is it free?

Because we think once you see the joy on your littlest customers' faces when their colouring jumps off the page and comes to life, you’ll be a believer in what we’re doing here at Grub Lab. We’re making more than just colouring books, we’re sparking imagination and making little diners happy. 

What's the catch?

There is no catch. Sign up and stay on our Freemium Membership for as long as you’d like, and if you ever want a little more razzle dazzle you can try our Surprise Packs.

How Can Grub Lab Help?

Repeat Customers, Spending More

Grub Lab products help get more families to your venue, time and time again. After all, it's known that repeat customers will spend 67% more than first-time visitors. It's an easy way to lift your revenue!

With new Surprise Packs & Surprise Sheets every month, families will return to experience the fun, excitement and joy of the newest edition of the Grub Lab.

Get Paid to Entertain

You can sell grub Lab Surprise Packs (not Surprise Sheets) to recover the cost of the books.

When you have a Top Shelf membership, selling books at $1.50 ensures you recuperate all your costs.

Some customers sell Grub Lab for more to introduce a new revenue stream. 

Auto Delivery - Set & Forget

You can enjoy the convenience of auto-delivery each month. Without lifting a finger, basic entertainment for your littlest diners will arrive directly at your door each month.  

More Families & Group Bookings

On average, a family of four spends $100-$150 on one dining out occasion.

By creating an environment that puts the entertainment of kids first, parents will return time and time again.

Families will be recommending your venue to all their friends with kids.

If you would like to level up your kid's entertainment, check out Top Shelf. 

Add Value to your Members & Regular Patrons

Grub Lab can be used as a value add to your members. For example, you could offer Grub Lab to any parent that is a member of your venue.

Create a Kid's Entertainment Night

If you're looking to get more families visiting your venue, you can create a Kid's Entertainment Night.

Here are some ideas:

  • Free Entertainment for Kids (Free Grub Lab)
  • Create a Kid's table where kids can eat, play & socialise
  • Colouring in Competition using Grub Lab's Augmented Reality books (You could showcase the best of the month on a wall - kids & parents will love this)

For the best of Grub Lab kids' entertainment, check out Top Shelf. 

Kids will Stay Seated & Happy

No more crazy kids running around your venue, playing under the table, using their cutlery as musical instruments and anything else that kids do when they get bored.

Our Surprise Sheets will keep kids entertained for up to 1 hour. If you're looking for longer entertainment, check out Surprise Packs with Top Shelf - they have been proven to keep kids entertained for up to 3 hours. 

Ongoing Entertainment in the Grub Lab App

The Grub Lab app has many games to keep kids entertained. With your Freemium membership, your diners can get access to some of the very cool games & features within the app. Some of these include:

  • Memory
  • Dino Lab, where kids can feed dinosaurs
  • NRL & AFL Strike
  • Grub Copter, where kids can fly a helicopter

All the games within the app use Augmented Reality to bring them to life. They'll be playing for hours.

Please note: Some features will not be available to Freemium members.

If you think Freemium is too basic, check out our Top Shelf Membership.

If you don't think membership is right for you, you can purchase products on demand.

Still Unsure?

That's ok - levelling up your venue takes time, we know we're just one of the many initiatives you're juggling. Sometimes it helps to talk to a real human so all your questions can be answered. If you would like to touch base, here are our deets:

02 4703 9999 /

But if you're not ready to chat, here are some previous questions we've been asked:

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Is Freemium always Free?

Yes, 100% of the time. You will never be charged for Surprise Sheets, even though we put a lot of time and money into them.

How often will you deliver to me?

With a Freemium membership, you will receive a monthly delivery of 100x Surprise Sheets.

Can I Purchase Other Grub Lab Products?

Yes you can. You can choose from any of our products and have them delivered to you, when you need them.

A Freemium membership doesn't unlock special pricing, if you would like 25% off all products, you can check out Top Shelf.

What Age Group are Surprise Sheets for?

We would say all ages, but the Surprise Sheets are ideal for kids aged 3-10 years old.

What is Augmented Reality?

It can be a tough one to explain, so we created a video.

Simply click here to check it out.