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Starter Box - Surprise Packs

Starter Box - Surprise Packs

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Designed & Printed in Australia

Experience the magic of Grub Lab's Surprise Packs with our Starter Pack! Perfectly sized for testing if Grub Lab is the right fit for your venue.

Our Starter Pack offers a tantalizing taste of our innovative twist on traditional activity packs.

Unlike standard activity packs, Grub Lab's Surprise Packs take things to the next level by using Augmented Reality technology to bring kids' creations to life! With up to three hours of entertainment packed into each pack, kids will be kept engaged for hours on end.

But that's not all - when you give your little customers a Grub Lab Surprise Pack, they'll also gain access to a treasure trove of free games and interactive activities in the Grub Lab app. We understand that kids love technology, which is why we've created a fun, interactive, and educational experience that'll keep them happily entertained for hours.

By offering Grub Lab Surprise Packs at your venue, you'll keep families coming back for more. With a happy, engaged audience, your venue will become the go-to destination for family fun!

Each Surprise Pack includes:

  • 1x Augmented Reality Powered Activity Book
  • 1x Box of Pencils 
  • Fun & Surprising Packaging 

Still Unsure? We offer a Money Back Guarantee! 

Take the pressure off. If you try Grub Lab Surprise Packs and find they aren't the right fit for your venue, simply contact us and we will refund you.

See refund policy for full details. 
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