PFD 388742 Grub Lab Connect LITE

PFD 388742 Grub Lab Connect LITE

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Zap your logo into the Grub Lab app to make it uniquely yours. 

By strategically placing your logo throughout the app, you'll be at the forefront of your customer's minds, building brand recall across all ages. Imagine kids pleading with their parents to dine at your venue, excited to bring their creations to life using the magical AR features hidden in the Grub Lab app!

Your personalisation of the Grub Lab app becomes powerful when you pair it with entertainment such as Surprise Packs, Surprise Books or Surprise Sheets. To activate the fun hidden inside all Grub Lab entertainment, your customers need the free Grub Lab app. 


  • Welcome screen with your logo 
  • Strategic logo placement throughout the app 
  • Every customer that opens the app in your venue is added to your customer database*
  • Your branding along side big brands such as Minions, Jurassic, NRL, AFL
  • More than 27+ augmented reality games inside the free Grub Lab app 
  • Monthly analytics that includes: 
    • App opens in your venue 
    • Unique users 
    • Total repeat users 
    • Average repeat users 

 *To access your family database and begin marketing to any user that has used the Grub Lab app in your venue, upgrade to Grub Lab Connect.

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