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Jurassic World 3D Play Experience

Jurassic World 3D Play Experience

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Designed & Printed in Australia


We’ll have the kids entering raptor territory with our newest Jurassic World 3D Play experience when they bring to life Blue The Dinosaur inside your venue!


How does the experience work?

The kids will download our FREE Grub Lab app and begin their Jurassic World experience by scanning a unique QR code located on the cut-out display stand provided to your venue, which will then bring to life Blue The Dinosaur via the free Grub Lab App, inside your venue. 

The app also allows the kids to take a picture with Blue inside your venue that will be saved straight to their camera roll ready for easy sharing! 

This entertainment experience will be sure to  have your venue tagged all over social media! #FearsomeFun 


What will you receive?

1 x 4ft cut-out of Blue The Dinosaur to display 
4 x Promotional Posters (2 x A2 & 2 x A4) 
3 x Social Media posts for your venue to promote 
1 x How to video - making it easy for your staff to set up
1 x Printed set-up guide


You'll also get 200 x $5 Jurassic World Store vouchers for the kids! Voucher will be emailed to the account owner upon downloading the Grub Lab App and launching the experience. 

 SMALL price. BIG experience!



Please allow 3-5 business days for your dino delivery to arrive.

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