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NRL Surprise Packs - Available Mid March

NRL Surprise Packs - Available Mid March

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Designed & Printed in Australia

NRL Surprise Packs - Available Mid March

Just imagine the look on their faces as their favourite mascots spring to life right before their eyes! These amazing NRL-themed packs are sure to keep kids engaged and having a blast.

Each Surprise Pack Includes:

  • 1 x Scan & Play booklet (16 pages of fun!)
  • 1 x Box of 6 colouring pencils 

More than Kids Entertainment

As part of your Grub Lab Surprise Pack, you will also receive:

  • Multiple Social Media Posts
  • Marketing Support 

This will be emailed to you when your order is dispatched, giving you time to promote your new Surprise Packs to your customers. 

You Get More with Grub Lab’s App

Inside the Grub Lab app, kids have access to lots of different games, including: 

  • Explore & Find
  • NRL Strike
  • Grub-Copter
  • Mascot Memory

What is Augmented Reality

It is a real-time interactive experience that displays a Grub Lab surprise experience. Augmented reality keeps the user's surroundings but adds elements that aren’t really there to enhance the experience. The Grub Lab surprise experience is activated by a smartphone or smart device. When an image is scanned inside the Grub Lab Surprise Pack, it comes to life with the exact colours used to colour in the page.

Designed & Printed in Australia

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