200 x Grub Lab OG PLUS Surprise Packs

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The AR Heroes is an original Grub Lab series. The activity pack series features 24 unique action heroes that become part of a story that plays out when using the Grub Lab app.

50 x 4 designs (per 200 unit carton)
Designed & printed in Australia

Each activity pack includes:
1 x Scan & Play booklet (12 pages of fun!)
1 x Box of 6 colouring pencils

1 x Pack of 4 AR Heroes collectable cards
Plastic wrapped for your convenience

Games & activities activated using the FREE Grub Lab app
- 2 x AR Hero colouring pages
- 2 x Animals of the Backyard colouring pages
- Digital Stopwatch
- Explore & Find
- Grub-Copter
- Hero Memory
- Collectable Digital AR Hero
- AR Heroes collectable cards 

Traditional Play
- 4 x Colouring pages
- Word Search
- Rescue Maze
- AR Hero collectable card trading game

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