At Grub Lab we have created something truly magical that is guaranteed to entertain kids and increase your revenue. It's time to say goodbye to dull and hello to a fun, interactive and totally intuitive upgrade. 

Brace yourself for the BIG twist, or as we like to call it, the SURPRISE that will take your customers dining experience to a whole new dimension!

All Grub Lab entertainment brings augmented reality to the table, captivating your customers like never before!

We've cracked the code for keeping kids engaged and happy during meals with our:

Surprise Packs 

AR Activity Book
Surprise Packaging

From $1.70

Surprise Books 


AR Activity Book

From $0.85

Surprise Sheets 


Single Sided A4 Sheets

From $0.20

Connect your venue to the BIGGEST brands and experience entertainment reimagined with your venue at the heart of the Grub Lab app.

Personalise the app to
make it yours, with
strategic logo placement.
Increase brand recall with your little customers… 

Only $2.85 Per Day




Our guests Love them!

Today's families and tech savvy kids expect more from their dining experience...
Grub Lab Activity Packs allow us to offer just that, our guests love them!

Gregory Rutherford

Hotel Services Manager

Our sTAFF Love them!

Our Staff have expressed they LOVE seeing the kids' faces when their drawing comes to life and have seen just as many adults get in on the fun.

Salia Vakauta

Group Marketing Coordinator

So Much Joy!

Our patrons find so much joy when they interact with their Grub Lab packs and can't wait to see what is yet to come in 2022 and beyond!

Melody Stephenson-Smith

Marketing Coordinator