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SantaGram 3D Play Experience

SantaGram 3D Play Experience

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See Santa Sooner with SantaGram

Did you know that Santa photos began in 1943? Since then, there haven’t been fun and intuitive ways to take photos with the big guy...Until Now!

With Grub Lab’s fun Augmented Reality experience, families can take a photo with Santa inside your venue. The best part is that a Santa photo can be taken in any of these quirky environments.

  • At the Beach
  • In the Bush 
  • Inside a Winter Wonderland 

Our SantaGram is full fun for the whole family! Unlock your customers imagination to create truly unique experience and fun mantlepiece-worthy pics. 

Check Out Last Years Demo on Sunrise HERE

Set Up Instructions 


1. Set up SantaGram corflute 
We suggest placing the SantaGram Corflute in an area with high traffic but also with enough space for your customers to take photos

2. Put up promotional posters
We suggest putting posters in areas that will get lots of attention. These can be placed in noticeboards, in bathrooms, displays & more. 

3. Post on social media
We will provide you with social media content to promote Santa at your venue to all your customers. 

 Your SantaGram experience is ready!


Included in the SantaGram Experience

  • SantaGram Corflute
  • Promotional Posters
  • Social Media Content
  • Set Up Guide


You Get More with Grub Lab’s App

Inside the Grub Lab app, kids can play additional games. Kids will be begging their parents to let them stay and play. 

What is Augmented Reality?

It is a real-time interactive experience that displays Grub Lab's SantaGram experience. Augmented reality keeps the user's surroundings but adds elements that aren’t really there to enhance the experience. The Grub Lab SantaGram experience is activated by a smartphone or smart device. When the SantaGram corflute is scanned inside your venue, Santa and his surrounds come to life. 

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