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Grub Lab Connect [YEARLY]_Hidden

Grub Lab Connect [YEARLY]_Hidden

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Simply hand out our Grub Lab products and encourage families to download our free app while dining in your venue. Every app downloaded in your venue increases your family database. Grub Lab Connect allows you to send promos, offers and deals, straight to these families via the Grub Lab app, which can increase your foot traffic and revenue.

Grub Lab Connect has 5 components: 

  1. White labelling of the Grub Lab app
    Make the Grub Lab app feel like your very own. A branded welcome message appears when users startup the app in your venue. We also place your logo throughout the app to maximise your exposure and connection.

  2. Reports & Data

    Receive a monthly report, specific to your venue, including

    • app downloads and usage 
    • Voucher redemptions

  3. Promotions & Offers
    Engage customers by sending promotions, offers and digital vouchers.
    Incentivise them to return to your venue, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

  4. Social Media Content
    Stop customers scrolling past your posts and use the biggest brands to get attention and attract more customers. Simply copy, paste and post from our extensive content library.

  5. In-app notifications
    Repeat customers equals increased revenue. Prompt your customers to view all the latest exciting deals, promos and offers in your venue to keep them coming back.

Please note: To access the full potential of Grub Lab Connect, it is necessary to have family-friendly entertainment products. 

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