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Easter AR Colouring in Sheets

Easter AR Colouring in Sheets

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Designed & Printed in Australia

Easter AR Colouring in Sheets

Surprise Sheets are Grub Lab's version of traditional colouring in sheets but with one big twist. 

Once children colour Hoppy in they can scan their colouring using a phone or iPad to watch Hoppy come to life in augmented reality.

Our super fun Easter Surprise Sheets are ideal to keep younger kids entertained whilst dining out.  Great to run a "Colouring in Competition" in your venue and judging it using an iPad.

Each Pack Includes:

100x A4 colouring sheets of the same Easter character (Hoppy)
1 x Display stand

You Get More with Grub Lab’s App

Inside the Grub Lab app, kids can play different games. Kids will be begging their parents to let them stay and play. 

What is Augmented Reality?

It is a real-time interactive experience that displays a Grub Lab surprise experience. Augmented reality keeps the user's surroundings but adds elements that aren’t really there to enhance the experience. The Grub Lab surprise experience is activated by a smartphone or smart device. When an image is scanned inside the Grub Lab Surprise Pack, it comes to life with the exact colours used to colour in the page. 

Designed & Printed in Australia

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