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What is the cost of the product?

How do you attract new families?

With our ever growing suite of big branded products, Grub Lab can help your venue stand out from the crowd. You can let people know about the exciting entertainment you have in your venue. Simply copy, paste and post from our extensive bank of social media content. 

How do I give the books/activity sheets out in my venue?

We have several options that we recommend for you to distribute our product in a way that best suits your needs. One popular method is to offer our product for free with Kids Meals, providing an extra incentive for families to enjoy their dining experience. Another approach is to incorporate the cost of our product into the Kids Meals, allowing you to seamlessly include it as an exciting addition. If you prefer to offer our product individually, you have the flexibility to charge customers accordingly. Alternatively, you can choose to display our product on your order counter in our Point Of Sale stand, making it easily accessible for your customers to take and enjoy. The choice is yours.

Am I locked into a subscription?

No, you can cancel at any time. 

Do I get a discount for ordering additional quantities to my monthly subscription?

Only products that are purchased on subscription are discounted.

How do I change what products I am getting on my subscription?

You can call our friendly Customer Service Angels to help you. Alternatively, you can add your new product subscription to the cart, and cancel the product subscription you no longer want.

At what time of the month will I be invoiced for Grub Lab Connect? 

You will be charged monthly, on the date that you place your first order.

Can I access my account online?

We have an account login on our website, where you can easily access your customer information and details. If you want to make any changes at any time, simply give us a call or email us.

What can I do on my customer portal?

Once logged-in to your online account, proceed to log into the subscription portal, where you can change subscriptions details eg; skip months, add or reduce quantities or cancel product subscriptions. Alternatively, if you want to make any changes at any time, simply give us a call or email us.

What payment methods do you take?

We accept PayPal, credit card, and invoice payments. For all our products, we offer a 7-day payment term. However, for Grub Lab Connect, payments can be made through PayPal or credit card. If you prefer to pay by invoice for Grub Lab Connect, you will need to make an upfront payment for 12 months.

Can I pay by invoice?

You can pay by invoice for one-off purchases for any of our products, however shipping your order won’t commence until we have received payment.  All set and forget orders require upfront payment details.

If I pay by invoice when will my products ship?

Products will only be shipped once the invoice has been paid.

What happens if I want to return Grub Lab products?

You can return Grub Lab products inline with our Terms & Conditions policy.

Where in the app does my branding go?

Your logo will appear in the startup screen popup. We then place your logo throughout the app experiences (at least once per series), then based on our analytics we will maximise your brands logo placement, based on the highest visited components of the app.

How do I let you know what deals/vouchers I want to send?

When you subscribe to Grub Lab Connect, you will be sent an email with a form to complete, instructing you of everything we will need to get started. If you want to make any changes at any time, simply give us a call or email us.

Do I push the vouchers out or do you? 

We do. We will send you out an email once a month to ask you what vouchers you would like to send. Then we do all the magic here from our end.

How many vouchers can I send to my customers?

For your customers who have downloaded the app, you can choose up to 2 vouchers to push out every week.

What analytics do I get and can we get access to the data?

Every month we will email you a report with the number of new downloads in your venue, the total downloads and how many times the app has been played, in addition to the voucher redemptions for your venue.

What other analytics can I get?

We want to provide even more analytics that are meaningful to you, we are looking at releasing more analytics features in the coming months

How do I get the best value out of Grub Lab Connect?

You will get the best value by handing out Grub Lab Surprise Packs and directing families to download the free App. Every download in your venue will help you build your customer database, so you can then send deals and vouchers to promote your venue.

What is the customised social media content?

You can access our vast bank of social media content, which includes the big brands in entertainment and Little Grubbies. You can place your venue's logo on these posts and use it to let your followers know, they can find an exciting range of entertainment in your venue.

How do I access the social media content?

It’s easy, just add the social media wallet at checkout. It’s free with any purchase.

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