Hospo Recovery Offer

Hospo Recovery Offer

We are in this together

Wherever there is a single Australian Hospitality Venue under restrictions due to COVID-19, we’ve slashed our price to 98c*, from $1.50

As a regional Australian start-up focussed solely on pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants, we’ve felt the impact of the pandemic just like you. Luckily for us, and for you, we’ve had a chance to implement some exciting updates to our kids Scan & Play experiences. This includes the release of our NRL Heroes and AFL Heroes which include all team mascots from the much-loved sports, making our Scan & Play activity packs even more powerful and allowing kids to have BIG adventures, without moving from their seat. 
Grub Lab’s Chief Operating Officer, Mat Goddard says: “We’re committed to transforming dining experiences for families in a new and innovative way. Our hearts go out to the small-businesses that have suffered during an agonising 18 months, The Hospo Recovery Offer is our way of giving back to our customers and the industry as a whole by giving venues of all sizes the opportunity to get our activity packs at a discount and take a step with us on revolutionising the way families are engaged, entertained and ultimately, keep them coming back for more.”     
Merchandise & Program Coordinator, Simon Nardo says “Our aim is to collaborate with leading entertainment brands that we know kids love. Building on the NRL and AFL experience at venues through showing the games on the big screen, Grub Lab’s activity packs let the whole family interact and engage with these sports all year round.” Simon continues, “... we’re constantly working on new collaborations, venues are now given access to these huge entertainment brands to further leverage and engage their customers with” 

As we move into an unusual environment where customers can no longer roam around a venue as they did before, it's the perfect time to embrace the concept of Grub Lab. Our activity packs are for individual use and can be used whilst seated at the table, meaning the kids are kept happy, even if your playground is out of action. 

Take advantage of the Hospo Recovery Offer today and kick start the return of family diners in your venue.

*Price not inclusive of GST + shipping


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